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I wrote this prayer after I rented the movie "Lorenzo's Oil" and visited The Myelin Project website. Sadly, Lorenzo Odone passed away on May 30, 2008. Yet over two million others like him need your help. They wait for a break through in myelin regeneration research. Let us join the power of our minds together and help create that miracle. The The Myelin Project also will appreciate any donation you make to help fund research. ~ Clyo

Prayer For Lorenzo

Dear God,

Thank You for my life.

Thank You for my incredible nervous system

That allows me such amazing freedom to move.

Thank You for my ability

To laugh, to love and to express You actively.

Surely, Dearest Father, You mean for all of us to know this joy,

Including those with MS and illnesses similar to Lorenzo's.

So we visualize their healing now.

And Lord, I thank You for Lorenzo.

He taught me what You knew:

that I took my blessings for granted,

that I had not used my gifts to full capacity

and that there is so much more I can do

with what You have given me.

Father, I bless Lorenzo for being a messenger.

I thank him for teaching compassion, tenacity and the value of life.

And I demand a miracle, on his behalf.

It is time for those

—who still live as he did—

To stand and walk, to laugh and talk.

It is time for them to be able to fully share

Their inner experiences with the world.

I declare that there is no space and no time,

and that our minds are now one with Divine Mind.

Divine Mind knows everything that ever was and ever will be.

You, Divine Mind, know how to regenerate myelin.

For You created it in our bodies.

You know how we can regenerate myelin over our nerves

so we can once again walk, talk, laugh and run.

You know how to guide researchers in making discoveries

so that those who wait for the miracle regain full use of their bodies.

You awaken this knowledge in us, Lord.

You clear the quickest path to this end because we demand it now.

You enter the hearts and minds of those searching for the key—

—and You give it to them.

You cut away

—the red tape

—the strings

—the human expectancy of delay

and You make it happen, Dear Lord, now.

This healing happens because You love us.

This healing happens because You can deny us nothing.

This healing happens because we choose to learn through joy.

We affirm with all the power of our souls that it is time.

We see a news report, Lord, and it announces a breakthrough.

Myelin researchers announce success.

Myelin now regenerates perfectly around neurons.

We see a news clip now, Lord.

Thousands of people who could not move are—





Praise God, they are free at last, free at last.

Blessed freedom comes to all who have waited for this day.

Thank You, Almighty God, for Lorenzo

Who made us aware and awoke our compassion.

Thank You, Hosanna in the Highest, for this miracle of healing!

By the grace of God, it is true.

And so it is.


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