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All sides have been traumatized. We cannot expect those who live in these regions to rise out of their pain into forgiveness alone. Neither can we ask anyone else to forgive if we cannot forgive. Yet we can forgive. And we can visualize, affirm, and bring about peace. ~ Clyo

Prayer For Mid-East Peace

Dear God,

You are the One Divine Presence in the Universe.

You contain everything known and unknown.

Contain and infuse all people with Your Love

And heal us now from false thinking.

As I read and speak this prayer,

Hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of others

Begin feeling and acting differently.

We know we are one.

We choose forgiveness.

We choose to be at peace.

A powerful collective,

We rise out of the attractor fields of want and fear

And enter into truth, forgiveness, love and prosperity.

Together with You, We are an invincible force of healing.

Our prayer for peace travels across the globe and becomes...


Our words create good in the Collective Mind of Humanity.

We are united and aligned with You and the love within us is...


Together, WE DECREE that all conflict in the Mid-East stops.

Israelis and Palestinians alike

Are lifted out of the attractor fields of fear, hate, attack and revenge.

Israelis and Palestinians alike are lifted

Into attractor fields of forgiveness, compassion and peace.

We demand You give the Palestinian people a secure home

In which they thrive.

We demand You give Israelis a secure home

In which they thrive.

A just division of land is made now.

IT IS OUR WILL that all Israelis and Palestinians

Accept this division as fair and just.

Palestinian dignity, power, safety and compassion are now restored.

Israeli dignity, power, safety and compassion are now restored.

We affirm that Palestine and Israel

Now live in peace, safety and joy, side by side as brothers, forever.

Thank You, Gracious God, for this transformation.

The whole world is joyfully blessed by You.

O God, the world is transformed.

Your Mighty Presence fills us with peace.

And so it is.


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