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"Help me still my emotions and feel Your Presence ."

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Prayer for Recovery from Devastation

Dear God,

I feel as though the love within me...

...as though the very core of me...

has been destroyed.

Yet that is not possible, for You are my core.

I feel ashamed, Lord.

I know life is a gift, yet I feel barely able to go on.

This wound...

....this terrible sense of loss and hurt weighs upon me.

It threatens to become a rage that will not be quelled—

—Or a wall of ice that will keep me numb and separate from others.

O God, this pain is not who I choose to be.

I know it is not what You envision for me.

Lift me out of this O God!

Lift me out now!

Bless those who pray with me now, in my hour of need.

For, as I read this, the power of my mind

is multiplied across space and time

by all who read and speak this prayer.

All the love in all the hearts you have made...

are with me now, sending me love.

You are a billion to the billionth power more powerful in my life

than any perpetrator, tragedy, loss or hurt could ever be.

Aligned with You

I am more powerful than any event or experience.

Together, We are a giant and irresistible force

And We now unleash Your healing power within me.

By Your Grace, the anger, rage, fear and pain stuck within

Washes through and out of me, never to return.

New and vibrant energy fills me.

I am raised first into the attractor field of forgiveness...

and then into true joy.

For You make all things right.

By Your Grace—

You heal my heart so I can love again.

You restore the bounce in my step so I enjoy life again.

You renew my faith so I can trust again.

You give me reason, again, to live and love and again be joyful.

Thank You God!

For there can always be a turnaround.

Thank You God!

That a turnaround can happen in the blink of an eye.

Thank You God!

For filling me with the balm of Your Lovingkindness.

Thank You God!

That I am restored and healed.

The energy within me has changed for all time.

Strong and beautiful, I overflow in Your Glory.

I thank You, O God of Many Names but One Heart.

I weep in joy for Your intense and comforting Presence

for You are closer to me than my own breath

and You understand what I need.

And so it is.

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