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"Help me understand this from a soul perspective."

Listen to Waning Moments:

We cannot ask for guidance one time only. We may need a thousand little nudges, first one way and then another before we recognize our destination. So develop a practice of asking, listening and following moment after moment when the way is yet unclear. Do this and you will be led, clue by clue and connection by connection, to where you belong. ~ Clyo

Prayer For Finding Work

Dear God,

There is a reason why I am seeking work.

It has nothing to do with scarcity or competition.

For there is no scarcity or competition in Spirit.

There is, instead, a higher purpose.

Yet I have not understood it.

You know my thoughts.

Fill me with the knowledge

That there is a hidden blessing in my situation

And help me see it.

Help me ask:

If there were a spiritual reason for my situation,

What would that reason be?

Help me sense things from the perspective of my soul.

I do not have to understand it.

It doesn't have to make sense from a worldly point of view.

I just need to accept that there is a reason and a higher purpose

And that Your plan is to turn all this to my good,

And to my family's good, and the world's good.

Advise me what I should do next.

What is the highest action I can take?

I am willing to learn the lesson.

I am willing to fulfill the purpose.

I am willing to see the blessing.

I am willing to have faith.

And I am willing to have a happy heart.

Lord, give these words power now, as I affirm what I most want.

I find work—Dear God—work that makes my heart sing.

This work calls to me and I hear it clearly.

It is that place in which who I am meets the world's great hunger;

Where one is fulfilled by the other, and all are perfectly served.

I trust that I am capable and deserving.

I trust that You love me.

I trust that You know my deepest needs

And I trust that, even as I speak these words

You are moving heaven and earth to help me.

You create the work and lead me to it.

You create the opportunity

You create the way.

You guide me through my spirit

So the perfect work is mine.

Thank You for my work which is mine by Divine Right.

Thank You for whispering, nudging, guiding,

And leading me to my perfect work.

And so it is.

Prayer Of Gratitude For My Work

I give thanks for my job where I am needed and wanted.

I give thanks for this place where giving equals receiving.

I give thanks that, through my work, I am a Light Unto The World.

I give thanks for the money that I receive that meets all my needs.

My work excites me and gives my life meaning.

I am more myself, and more authentic, than ever before.

I do every small thing with love,

So that my work is a prayer to You, a holy vocation.

Magnificent Worker, Creator of Heaven and Earth

I thank You for my wonderful work.

I give and receive in equal measure.

I love my work.

And so it is.


Beautiful book of prayers and affirmations for uplifting the spirit and changing your life for the better.

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Prayerforce: 365 daily prayers

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Terrific tools to get on the right path.

I attended Richard Bolles' workshop in 1991, and it was a great experience. I used his book as a basis for helping clients find work when I worked as a vocational counselor. People have been buying What Color Is Your Parachute? since 1972 because Bolles' methods work. Note: you may want the 2009 edition since some useful exercises were omitted from subsequent editions.) ~ Clyo

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