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Prayer For The Homeless

Dear God,

There is no place like home.

Home is where the heart is. Lose heart... and lose home.

We feel the truth of these words

For home and heart are bound together.

The state of one reflects the state of the other.

For who has not lost his home

Without feeling like the heart has been cut out of him?

And whose heart has not healed faster by being in the right home?

So help me with this prayer.

For I bring to you a brother in need.

He is beloved, Divine, and has talents to express and share.

But he does not know this.

He lives on the street and eats out of garbage cans.

For living this wretched life, I have blamed and mocked him.

I do not know his name, but call him Homeless.

I do not know what has injured him.

In fact, I do not know him at all.

I have only seen him

—sleeping in doorways, wandering aimlessly—

Staring up at me with hollow eyes.

He barely survives, yet his legacy, as Your Child, is to thrive.

My blaming cannot stir him from his pain, but only increase it.

So I release all blame now and call for compassion to fill me.

Fill me with Your unstoppable energy, Lord.

Fill me with energy that transforms.

Fill me with the desire to pray for him

And never lose sight of his Divinity

—or mine.

As I pray, positive changes occur in him and in me,

for You work miracles everywhere.

I am so grateful that I have a home;

That I have a place in which to eat, bathe, rest and love.

I cannot imagine the chaos of living without one.

Therefore, Lord, I declare You intervene on behalf of this beloved.

You fill this one, who is so dear to You and has so many faces

—male, female, old and young—

with the knowledge of Your most intimate love.

For this is Your Vision:

That each of us know our own worth and be nourished.

You enter the hearts, minds and bodies of my brothers and sisters.

You awaken within them knowledge of their holiness and gifts.

You call them

—and me—

To The Work You have laid out for us.

And we hear You.

As for me, I am filled with Your compassion, O God.

I use my life for the betterment of all.

I commit to Your Holy Vision for the world.

I am lifted into a higher, better way of thinking and being.

As I am lifted all humanity is lifted

—for macrocosm mirrors microcosm.

Together we rise into attractor fields of nourishment.

Each of us has a home in which our hearts and bodies find comfort.

Thank You for Your Love

Which breaks all boundaries

And moves Heaven and Earth for us

So that no one is known by the name "homeless."

And so it is.

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