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Prayer List

Choose the prayers you want to read from the buttons on the left. Each prayer page has an audio player at the top which will play meditative music meant to deepen and enhance your prayer experience, just press the play arrow.

For best results, make a ritual of reading your favorite prayers out loud (slowly and with feeling) each morning before starting your day. Read them also whenever you need an energy boost or an attitude change.

Addiction: Prayer To Overcome Addictions - For help in overcoming any addiction.

Align: Prayer To Align With God - For help in aligning your vibration closer to Source Energy (God) so you live and act in Right Action.

Attack: Prayer For Freedom From Attack - To turn plans to harm you (or your family or nation) into dust.

Beauty: Beauty Prayer - To attract more beauty into your life, to help clean up clutter, to help you feel more beautiful and see your own beauty.

Body: Body Prayer - A prayer for your body to help it function better, to overcome aches and pains, to heal from illness, to feel better about your body.

Change: Prayer For Change - To help change your life for the better, to help change a situation for the better, to embrace Higher Purpose.

Children: Prayer For Children - To bless your child or children and protect them.

Daily: Daily Prayer - To bless your day so that you are safe, happy, healthy and full of ease throughout it. (This page has a very short, simple prayer that can be uttered throughout the day to improve life plus prayers for each day of the week.)

Devastation: Prayer For Recovery From Devastation - For anyone who is suffering from any emotional loss, injury or trauma.

We cannot judge the damaging effect of loss or say that one loss is worse than another. If you are suffering from any loss that feels insurmountable, begin with this prayer and try to treat yourself with the utmost kindness.

If you know someone who is suffering from the experience of having been assaulted, losing a loved one, losing possessions in a flood or fire, or dealing with life-changing injury, illness, divorce or bankruptcy, then I encourage you to pass this prayer on, even if you do so anonymously. Then pray for the one who is suffering and, every day, visualize that person once again laughing in joy.

Earth: Prayer For The Earth - To receive the guidance, courage and strength to find ways to help heal the earth, live in harmony with the earth, heal ecological damage and adopt an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Energy: Prayer for Energy & Good Health - To achieve optimum health and energy.

God: God Prayer - To feel that God is a constant, loving and approving Presence in your life.

Grace: Grace Prayer - To invoke a state of grace for oneself or someone else.

Grief: Grief Prayer - Six prayers to help cope with the loss of a son, daughter, wife, husband, mother or father.

Healing: Prayer For Healing - To cleanse, restore and strengthen yourself and contribute healing to the world.

Homeless: Prayer For The Homeless - To send Divine Energy and positive change to those who live on the street and to open to being part of the solution to help the homeless.

Iraq: Prayer For Iraq - To bring peace to Iraq and return all soldiers home.

Lorenzo: Prayer For Lorenzo - To speed up myelin research and bring healing to all who suffer from neurological diseases.

Love: Prayer For Love - To have the courage to love, to bring more love into one's life, and to be an agent of God's love in the world.

Meal: Meal Prayer - To bless your food and remove any negative vibration from it so it fully nourishes you. This page has several short prayers plus a longer prayer for Thanksgiving that can be used to bless any holiday dinner.

Mid-East: Prayer For Mid-East Peace - To help create peace between Israel and Palestine, and to visualize peace among all neighbors in the region.

Miracles: Prayer For Miracles - To heal any disbelief that blocks God from lining up circumstances in accordance with your highest desires and Highest Good.

Money: Money Prayer - My Bank Account Is Full - To heal a mind set that attracts lack, to improve a financial situation.

911: Prayer For 911 - To end the cycle of violence and revenge, and to insure this type of event never happens again.

Peace: Peace Prayer - To reach that still, shining place of wisdom in our own lives and serve as a conduit for peace in the world.

Protection: Protection Prayer - To rise up into vibration of fearlessness, to surround yourself and your family with God's love and protection, to help create a safe world.

Sacred Space: Sacred Space Prayer - To create a Sacred Space or Sacred Container— whether for a moment, for the duration of a meeting or for an entire day—which you give to God with the request that everything you think, say and do is in The Highest Good For All Concerned.

Self-Esteem: Prayer For Self-Esteem - To feel better about yourself, to belief that you deserve love, protection, happiness and a life that feels good.

Transform: Transformation Prayer - To help you surrender and allow God to guide, shape and love you, to help transform the world for the better.

U.S.A.: Prayer For The United States of America - To bless and protect our nation, align it with God's love, and dedicate it to the highest ideals.

Work: Prayer For Work - To obtain a job, to be grateful for the job or work one has.

World: Prayer For The World - To become more aware of the goodness available to you, to help everyone on the planet, to help you hold a vision of the world's healing.


Also see the selections listed under "Other Voices."

And to see an example of how our scripture and prayers have been translated over the years, and to hear the original version of the Lord's Prayer spoken in Aramaic as it would have been spoken by Jesus, visit www.thenazareneway.com.

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