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Protection Prayer

Dear God,

Jesus said:

"Whatsoever you do unto others, it will be done unto you."

So, to be safe, I must allow others safe passage.

Yet I must admit that others have not been safe in my mind.

I have resented, criticized, hated and cursed.

In rash moments

—when I was stressed, afraid, angry or in pain—

I wished others harm.

So show me the fear and pain within me, and let Us heal it

Show me my hostilities so I see them for what they are

And let Us melt them.

Give me the healing work to do.

I shall do it, under Your guidance and care.

Let me embrace radical forgiveness.

I am willing to genuinely accept that from Your point of view

Eeverything is perfect

And no one is to blame.

Let this be true now:

—I heal the conflicts within me

—I surrender any need to be afraid

—I stop criticizing myself and others

—I choose love over fear

—I choose forgiveness over hate

—I cease all attack in any form.


—I find a way to forgive, no matter what.

—I stop myself from speaking ill of anyone.

—I stop myself from thinking ill of anyone.

—I stop myself from wishing misfortune on anyone

No matter how much the world says that person deserves it.


—I bless all people.

—I affirm I am safe.

—I choose to believe I am protected.

—I cultivate humor.

—I learn fearless love.

I protect myself through Your principles, as Jesus taught.

So plant the seed of kindness within me, O God.

Grow it strong.

Make me into a fearless blesser of all women and men, in my heart,

No matter their words or deeds.

May my silent mantra to every person I meet be:

May be safe

May be happy

May be healthy

May your life be filled with ease.

For I am not here to judge, but to bless.

I raise myself up into a vibration of fearlessness.

And, by doing so, help create a safe world.

I do this for You, for my family, for my friends and for my nation.

I do this for the Family of Man and for all of creation.

I affirm that everyone is safe.

I affirm that, everywhere I look,

I see people looking out for one another

And treating each other with care.

My heart sings with the joy of You

And I know, in my heart, that I am safe in Your arms in this moment

A safe world filled with joy awaits me.

Thank You, Mighty Protector.

And so it is.


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