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"I just want to do the holiest thing I can do."

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When we turn the moment over to our Highest Purpose and ask to be guided in right action, we create a Sacred Space. Whatever we wind up doing from that space will be a blessing for others, and for ourselves as well. ~ Clyo

Sacred Space Prayer

Dear God,

Dear Lord I come to you today in humility.

I need Your Holy Guidance.

Fill my being with the wonder of Your Presence.

Make of my heart a true compass.

Let it be untroubled.


May my heart be filled with unshakeable faith

That You are guiding me

In ways that will benefit everyone.


May my mind be open and expectant of good.

May I have the patience to listen for Your Voice,

the awareness to notice what feels expansive,

the bravery to follow my heart,

and the wisdom to know what feels like loving action

and what does not.


Expand my ideas about the sacredness of life.

Help me see the holiness in every face

And the beauty in every foot that steps upon earth.

Create a Sacred Space around my actions, words and deeds.

Guide me in being my best self, living my best life,

And giving my best service.


I am free in this moment to be truly myself.

I release the burden of judgment.

I am free in this moment to embrace Light.

I believe there is an elegant way of living,

For I know You are always with me, guiding me.

I just want to do the holiest thing I can do

in this moment

in this situation

in my life

for the good of all.

Whatever that is, may I do that.

Thank You, Father God.

And so it is.


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