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"May my thoughts, words and deeds be in the highest good for all."

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We are in a new age. We are understanding we can create a sacred container in which to function and that The Divine will transform our lives as a result. With this realization we have the power to heal our lives and the world. ~ Clyo

Transformation Prayer

Prayer For Personal Transformation

Dear God,

It is fruitless to rail against the world.

The world I inhabit is a reflection of my own self

For macrocosm always mirrors microcosm.

If I see it in the world, I know the seed exists in me.

Therefore, to change the world

I now commit to my own transformation.

I become the fertile soil for the world I want to see.

As a beginning, I tell myself—every day—that I am changing.

I tell myself that You are guiding, shaping and loving me

—into wholeness.

Then instead of focusing on what is bad or frightening

—or telling myself things are getting worse—

I affirm that bad things are falling away.

I switch my focus to what positive contribution

I can make to the situation and the miraculous takes place.


I stop blaming and, instead

Take responsibility for the state of the world and the state of my life.

I open myself to Your love

And experience the intensity of the Unconditional.

I never wish for others what I do not want for myself.

I become generous

And visualize lives of fulfillment and prosperity for others.

I leave fear behind as You take me by the hand each day.

And I forgive the unforgivable.

As a result, all conflicts within me resolve

And, with them, the discord in my life.

All disapproval within me dissolves

And with it, the aches and pains in my body.

I am a better person, one of whom Christ would be proud.

Yet I do not practice denial of my anger or fear, Lord,

But transcendence.

For You lift me up in accordance with my intentions and words.

You make these words powerful, Lord

And only Truth utters from my lips:

  • That You and I are One

  • That, to You, every living thing is sacred

  • That, as part of You, I am able to let go of fear

  • That, as part of You, my destiny is to be happy and useful
  • .

    I begin my transformation today

    —and with it—

    The automatic transformation of the world.

    Every day I dedicate my thoughts, words and deeds to Higher Truth.

    I ask You to create a Sacred Container for the day.

    I affirm that You guide me in doing soul work.

    I affirm that everything I think, do and say

    Is guided by a Higher Principle, the Principle of Light,

    And what I do, think and say serves the greatest good.

    Thank You for working Your miracles through me.

    Thank you for peace of mind, heart, and soul.

    The world and I are One with You,

    God of my heart, Breath of my breath, Throb in my veins.

    Your loving world is the real one, and my gratitude is profound.

    And so it is.




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