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World Prayer

Dear God,

Thank You for this world that is so beautiful.

It is a privilege to live and love on this planet.

Enter into my being and help me help the world.

I want to think and say and do the holiest thing possible.

I want to help bring about the Highest Purpose

And the deepest healing for all.


May there be peace, Lord, and may it begin with me.

Help me think, speak and act with love.

Help me remember to bless everyone I see with these words:

May you be safe.

May you be happy.

May you be healthy.

May your life be filled with ease.

Help me create more awareness of the holiness:

Between me and my spouse

Between me and my children

Between me and my parents

Between me and my siblings

Between me and my friends

And between all of us who inhabit this world.


Help me create more space for Higher Purpose:

In my self

In my home

In my neighborhood

In my nation

And in my world.


I affirm I am filled with deep calm and well-being.

I embody Your Love that transforms the world.

I create awareness of the goodness available to us all

And I hold to a vision of the world's healing.


I affirm:

The world undergoes deep healing.

We are bathed in peace and joy.

We create heaven on earth.

We live in a wonderful, spectacular world.

Thank You, Heart-of-My-Heart and Soul-of-My-Soul.

The world is healed and life is glorious.

And so it is.

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